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Hi. I?m Cassie Price. I?m a troublemaker, in the best sense. A ruckus causer. A dreamer that gets #@&! done. I am an avid librocubiculary. I am a homebody and I have restless wanderlust. I?m not everyone?s cup of tea, but if I?m your flavor, we can catalyze phenomenal outcomes. And I have failed greatly.

A lot of people say a lot of things about failure, but I think Robert F. Kennedy summed up the failure in my life the best. ?Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.?

When I was 27, in the midst of the largest financial crisis many generations had ever seen, my Dad got sick and signed over power of attorney and confessed that he had taken out a 2 million dollar loan to develop the land that had been in my family for four generations.

It was a hard money loan. The payments were $20,000 a month. I tried everything I could to get it refinanced. Banks weren?t loaning in 2008, but they kindly told me that if I had come to them two years before, it would have been a no-brainer. Investors had lost money and their surpluses had dried up. I tried everything I could think of to make my way out of the mess. To save my family land. To save the only house my Dad had ever really lived in. I wanted to build a green community that would be the model for sustainable green building around the country. It felt so big in my heart, so very necessary. The clock kept ticking. The principal kept getting eaten away by the payments. I went to conferences. I networked. I volunteered. I meditated. I prayed. I visualized. I affirmed.

We defaulted anyway.

I sent letters to people I knew or I had heard of that invested in sustainability. I tried to get on TV. I worked with an investment banker that felt like my only option but my gut told me to run. I borrowed money from friends and family. I cleaned out my 401k and my IRA. I sent letters to famous people that were into green building, like Brad Pitt. I ran an Indiegogo campaign. I tried to get on Ellen.

I did everything I could think of. Isn?t that the American Dream? To work hard, and your dreams will be a reality?

We still lost the land. I failed publicly, and spectacularly. My heart broke. The financial spiral seemed endless. I had no idea how to pay back my friends and family. I had no idea how to make money anymore. I jeopardized our house. Our credit scores tanked.

I am telling you all this because I know. Whether you forgot to make a payment and got your credit score dinged, or you have piles of bills you can?t stand to open, or you can?t pay your house payment and your refrigerator is dying, I understand. I?ve been in the pit. And I?m here to help you climb out, no matter how deep the pit goes.

I?m here to share how I climbed out and found my thriving again. The tools, the mindset, the resources and the people.

You can read the full story over at Daily Worth.

The Other Stuff:

I went to the Bainbridge Graduate Institute for an MBA in Sustainable Business and Gonzaga University for BA in Political Science with Women?s Studies Concentration and a General Business Minor. (Too complicated, even for my Grandmother to remember).

My Meyers Briggs Type is ENFP. I am a recovering ENTJ. (Only outliers and weirdos switch, but apparently I did).

My F Score from Sally Hogshead is a primary trigger of Rebellion (I was surprised when I learned this, and when I shared my surprise with my friends, they laughed. Go figure.) My secondary trigger is Prestige and my dormant trigger is Power. Sally recently redid her test. Rebellion is now Innovation, but I still feel rebellious.

I?m married to my partner in crime. We have a fairy tale, cheesy love story. Someone recently asked if we were newlyweds. We also fight and argue and sometimes I work at home in my pajamas all day. We met on Match. We are most often found on the road to new adventures.

I grew up in Spokane Washington. In what feels like a former life, I went to photography school in Spokane and in Santa Barbara, followed by a stint at Microsoft where I learned corporate life was not for me (I think it?s the rebellion).

I love to connect with new people. You can find me on?Facebook,?Instagram?or?Twitter?for the latest.

Wealth Generation Collective’s official Facebook page is here. We always post our latest as well as other great resources over there.

Follow the blog for the ruminations and revelations on credit, finance, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle design. I reserve the right to keep it eclectic, but all with one common thread. To thrive.

Wealth Generation ?Collective

WGC was born when a group of friends?decided it was time to bring their collective knowledge about business and finance to more people. We know how to?repair credit, but we couldn?t find clear tools on the internet that everyone could use. We had custom credit repair company that was thriving from word of mouth, but we weren?t reaching everyone we knew we could benefit from better credit.

There are other things we want to share?that we are rolling out in the coming months, like how to build credit in your business name, without your personal guarantee (this means not putting your house up for collateral to fund your dreams. Even better if you don?t have have a house to put up). Alternative ways to get financing for your business, such as a Direct Public Offering (DPO) where you bypass the New York Stock exchange and sell stock to your neighbors, or ways to get massive traction for a crowdfunding campaign.

We also know things about the fastest way out of debt. We know things about starting a business. We know things about starting a business as a way to earn more income and get out debt.

We want to share them with you in the coming years.

Here?s to your freedom.

What’s In A Name?

Wealth Generation Collective?is kind of a mouthful,

but we when we were brainstorming, we kept coming back to it.







formed?by collection
This is what we want for you. For us. For the planet.

Plenty. Abundance. Of time, money, happiness, joy, success. The ability to generate what you want. Collective. To partner with. To be one. Together.

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