Are You Ready To Get Your Credit Back On Track?

 What Would It Be Like If You Weren't Worried About Your Credit All The Time?


Does this sound like you?

Are you terrified to check your credit report? 

Does opening your mail fill you with dread?

Are you embarrassed to tell your partner, spouse or lover about your credit? 
Do your dreams seem so very far out of reach? Like owning a house, or refinancing a mortgage that's crushing you? Or driving a car that runs well, or just having options if it breaks? 
Are your credit cards maxed, but your score isn't good enough to get any balance transfer credit cards? Or maybe you don't have any credit cards at all because you made some missteps in the past? 
Have you been late or completely missed some payments? 
Do you have accounts in collections?
Have you defaulted on your credit cards, given a car back to the bank, or had a foreclosure or bankruptcy? 
Are you ready to clean things up and get on the right track, but you have no idea where to start? 

What would it feel like if you're still in this uncomfortable spot next year? Five years from now? Seven years from now?

What if you end up...

Never getting out from under the credit card debt? 

Never being able to move from where you're at, or being able refinancing your crushing mortgage? 

Always dreading your mailbox, even when you know birthday cards are in there?
Paying exorbitant amounts of interest, and skipping saving for retirement? 
Never getting a credit card or car loan again? 
Having to explain to your family why the bill collectors are calling them looking for you?
If you're reading this, I have a feeling you already know bad credit can cost you thousands of extra dollars a YEAR in both time and money.

You already know because you're living it. You know first hand that having bad credit is exhausting physically, emotionally and mentally.

Maybe You've Thought About Credit Repair Before,
or Even Signed Up With Someone, BUT

You Don't Know Who To Trust

The companies you looked at just felt sketchy, and you felt like you had to take a shower after closing your browser

Maybe you signed up with one of them and they billed you for months on end, but you never saw your score improve

It feels too hopeless to do anything about
You are leery of someone promising the moon 
Getting past late payments removed and negative accounts resolved feels too good to be true.

If You're Ready to Take The First Step to
Get Your Credit Repaired, 

I'm Here 


Have We Met?
I'm Cassie

About ten years ago, I found myself in between contracts at Microsoft and I broke up with my boyfriend at the same time. I wound up with a few dings on my credit score and hired one of the biggest credit repair law firms in the country to help me out.

I waited. And paid. And waited. And paid some more. You get the idea.

Nothing happened to my credit score.

But I asked around, and a mortgage broker knew a guy....and that guy bumped my score from 660 to 720 in four months. I started referring friends and family to that guy, and over the years it has morphed into this.

Short Version:

Credit Repair Wizard. Librocubicularist. Loves to drive with the windows down and the heat blasting.

My official bio and the why behind Wealth Generation Collective is here.

The more detailed story of how I lost my family land, lost myself, got into credit repair and built my life back up is on The Daily Worth.


Imagine If You Felt Secure and Confident In Your Credit Score and Felt In Control of Your Financial Life

Dream With Me For A Minute.....

How much money could you save on your mortgage if you could refinance at the lowest rate? 

What would it feel like to be getting points on your credit card to use for vacations and trips, but be using them so that you're in control of them, instead of them controlling you? 

How would it feel to be able to walk into a car dealership and walk out with the 0% interest rate?
What would your retirement be like if you took everything you're paying on debt and started socking it away for your golden years? 
What would it feel like to rent anything from a car to an apartment with ease? 

What We Can Do For Your Score

Because That's What Matters, Isn't It? 

First things first, anyone who tells you they can get your score from 500 to 800 in six months is full of it.

How do I know this? Because I look at hundreds of credit reports every month and I know that if you’re at 500, you have several negatives or derogatory accounts on your file, and you don’t have enough positive pay history to counter it. We can get a lot of the negatives removed, but only you can add positive pay history to your file. People with scores over 800 have a specific mix of types of credit and they have a specific amount that they use their credit.

We strategically challenge all negative and derogatory remarks and accounts on your file.

If your credit score is currently between 400-600, we should be able to get you to 640-680. If you don’t have a credit card, you will have to get one and use it wisely to get your score into the mid to high 600’s, and two to three more to get your score over 700. One credit card, when you don’t have any, will make your score jump 60-100 points if used correctly.

If your score is in the mid to high 600’s, you probably have some late payments and maybe a few collection items. You most likely have a lot of accounts with positive pay history but you’re close or maxed out on your credit cards. For this, we can deal with the late payments and collections, but you’re going to have to pay those credit card balances down. You will probably jump 20-60 points getting the negative remarks removed, but paying those balances down is what will get you over 700.

 We can get about 70% of collections removed with no payment.
We can get about 90% of collection accounts remaining removed after payment. 
Bankruptcies are the hardest to get removed and it's the one thing I beg you not to try yourself. We have a process that works most of the time, but it's a one shot deal. If you've already challenged it, we probably can't get it removed. But credit repair can still help your score post-bankruptcy by getting the accounts accurately reported. Getting those items corrected can help you get everything from car loans to credit cards again in a short amount a time, and the faster you start building positive credit repair history again, the sooner you can get qualified for a mortgage or other type of large loan.

How Are We Different? I'm Glad You Asked

Getting better credit is two parts. I do my part by getting negatives removed. You do your part by adding positive pay history. 

You need both to get the highest score. You can't have good credit with out positive payment history. I'll let you know the exact steps to take and what moves will benefit you the most. 

Most credit repair companies only send letters to the three credit bureaus. We do that as well, but we also write your creditors directly. I don't believe in ongoing subscription pricing where we only challenge 3-5 items a month. That's not how I want to do business.  

We get a limited power of attorney from you and write your creditors directly. Best case scenario: the account gets removed or the status gets changed. Worst case: they have all the required documents and we have no leverage. It's usually somewhere on the removal side, or we wouldn't waste our time.

Leverage we've gotten back that's helped us get accounts removed: incorrect balances and payment dates. Disclosure of other clients information. Different accounting statements. 

If we've found enough violations we can turn your case over to our attorney partners and they take your case for free and sue the creditor. 


Pricing Options

​Our Work Takes 4-6 Months
​ You Will Need To Pay $20/Month To a Third Party For Reports & Scores
1-2 Negative Accounts
3 payments of

  • A Personalalized Recomendations  To Get Your Score the Highest (I'll do my part. You do yours.)

    **This includes any work except foreclosure removal.**




 3 or More Negative Accounts
3 Payments of


7 payments of

  • A Personalalized Recomendations  To Get Your Score the Highest (I'll do my part. You do yours.)

What People Are Saying About Us


Jordanna Jaffe

With Cassie’s help, I increased my credit score from 620 to over 800 in only a handful of months. Talk about miracle work! SO so so grateful for her support – I couldn’t have done it without her!

 Jordana Jaffe

Facebook Group Strategist
Intimate businesses for inspired introverts

Gena Shingle
I had a rough beginning to 2015 financially – to the point that I almost had to file bankruptcy. As you can imagine, it took a hard hit on my credit.  From working with Cassie, my credit score has gone up 140 points in only 4 months!  The investment was invaluable to what this has done for my personal life — home ownership, here I come! 

Gena Shingle 
THANK YOU for your help and most importantly, for your support and empathy. If you ever--any time between now and the end of time--need someone as a reference for your services, please make sure you contact me.

​*This isn't actually from Marge. I don't even know if Simpsons have credit scores...but this client left me this love note before heading into surgery.*

How Do We Do It? 


I’m glad you asked. You are protected under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act and the Fair Debt Reporting Act.

If a company wants to say something negative about you, they have to prove it. Otherwise, its gossip and it’s illegal.

We strategically challenge every negative thing on your report. If someone is going to say it, they have to prove it. Many times, they can’t. We ask very specific questions, and if they can’t answer, they have to be removed. For example, most things in collections have been bought for pennies on the dollar and the collection company doesn’t have the necessary information to legally collect on the debt. If you missed my post on John Oliver and debt buyers, be sure to check it out here for a look into this unsavory world.

Don’t even get me started on how hard it is to correct errors that should be easy to correct. It took me two tries with TransUnion to get my current address reporting, and I know exactly what they require.

If you’ve tried to dispute something online through the credit bureaus system and it came back in favor of the creditor, it’s because the credit bureaus are the ones asking their own questions to check the validity of something. It’s like leaving Dillinger to guard the safe, as my Dad used to say. They also use a scanning system to deal with their incoming snail mail that automatically assigns each letter into a predesignated category, and unless you know what to say to get this to work in your favor or to trigger an actual human to look at it, your results are usually pretty limited.

The bottom line is, all three of the credit bureaus are private companies and to some extent, they do what they want. If you don’t how their rules, it’s nearly impossible to win the game.

We will be using the same letters that we’ve used to remove the late payments, judgements, collection accounts, negative accounts with exes, and the aftermaths from hard times for over 1,000 clients this year alone.




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